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Nokia 'Atlas' leaked, appears to be a Lumia 820 variant for Verizon

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Nokia Atlas (evleaks)
Nokia Atlas (evleaks)

Verizon appears to be readying a Windows Phone 8 announcement of its own. A leaked image from the Evleaks Twitter account shows off a Nokia Lumia phone for Verizon, described as the "Atlas." The image appears to match a leaked 4.3-inch display from earlier this year, with curved corners and a space for a front-facing camera and earpiece. We understand that Verizon is preparing to carry a Lumia 820 variant codenamed Atlas, and that an announcement could be made within days.

T-Mobile recently announced its own Lumia 820 variant, the Lumia 810, which will be available in the coming weeks. According to our own sources, Verizon's Lumia 820 variant will arrive in November alongside the Windows Phone 8X. Previously leaked Verizon information revealed a Lumia 822 device which may provide a hint at the naming of Nokia's Atlas phone for Verizon.