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Twitter reportedly planning its own video hosting service

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Can it duplicate the success it had with photos?

Twitter for iPad 5.0
Twitter for iPad 5.0

Twitter may soon be taking on hosting duties for videos uploaded by its users, according to AllThingsD. Such a move could help deliver a more seamless experience across various devices — which has become a priority for the company in recent months. Currently those who want to embed a video in their tweet must turn to third-party services like TwitVid or yFrog, which isn't what we'd call an ideal solution.

Developing its own in-house hosting technology isn't anything new to Twitter. The company started accepting direct uploads of images last year and quickly became the most popular photo host among users. That's to be expected considering the unrivaled integration Twitter can leverage to its advantage. Still, we don't see any reason Twitter couldn't repeat such success if it indeed decides to cross video off the list next.

That's not to say Twitter's video-hosting service would be a YouTube killer. According to the same AllThingsD report, the company readily concedes that most video content on its service will still be sourced from YouTube, Vimeo, and other social movie sharing sites. It would merely be another step in taking further control of your experience across the Twitter platform. We've reached out to the company for comment.