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Walmart launches same-day delivery in select US markets

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Walmart DTD 555
Walmart DTD 555

Amazon might be struggling to make same-day delivery a reality for its customers, but Walmart is moving forward with the concept in a number of tests this fall. Already offering same-day grocery delivery in several markets, the retailer today announced the rollout of "Walmart To Go" in five regions: Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, San Jose, and San Francisco. Presently in beta, the service will allow shoppers in these areas to place orders for items like electronics, video games, movies, and other merchandise and pay a $10 fee for same-day delivery through UPS.

There's no limit on item count, nor has Walmart set a minimum purchase total for eligibility. The only restrictions relate to the items your local store currently has in stock, so if you're really hankering for that Blu-ray of Prometheus or Dishonored for your console of choice, you might have time to get an order in.

And those local stores are the key ingredient that allow Walmart to accomplish same-day delivery. Unlike Amazon, which would need to ship orders out from its various distribution centers, Walmart can take advantage of its massive retail presence to ship orders out directly from stores. A trial period will run through the holidays, after which Walmart will reassess its plans.