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Microsoft confirms cash for Xbox content in Windows 8, Microsoft Points remain for Xbox 360

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Microsoft Points aren't dead just yet

xbox 360 stock
xbox 360 stock

Earlier this week The Verge reported that Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system now defaults to local currency for music and video downloads or rentals. The software giant has now confirmed the change to us, revealing that local currency will be the primary method in Windows 8 to purchase and access Xbox content. "Current Xbox Live customers may also make a purchase using points," says a Microsoft spokesperson.

"Microsoft Points continue to be the currency for purchasing content for the Xbox 360 console," a spokesperson tells us. The company has nothing to announce regarding future plans for Microsoft Points, but it's clear its points system is in the early stages of being phased out fully in favor of a local currency one. Unfortunately, this disconnect between Xbox 360 and Windows 8 means that consumers wishing to purchase Xbox Video or Xbox Music content will need to do so on a Windows 8 machine to avoid Microsoft Points. The same content will be available on the Xbox 360 console, but it will require Points currency rather than a local rate. It seems like a confusing move for end users, but the end of Microsoft Points is certainly closer than ever before.