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Google Play developers can now offer free trials for in-app subscriptions

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Google Play stock 1020
Google Play stock 1020

Google app developers can now give users a trial of subscription content (like additional game levels or video access), before they buy it. Google added in-app subscriptions in late May, but now users have the chance to test out subscription services for seven days or more at the discretion of the app's developer — unlike Apple, who offers no trials of any kind in its apps. There is a catch, however: consumers have to enter their payment information in order to access the free trial, and will be automatically charged for the subscription should they not cancel before their trial is over. Also, the trial period ends immediately after cancellation, so no signing up and cancelling immediately for your peace of mind. The new service is another way for Google to help developers create better apps, and despite minor inconveniences, it's great news for consumers who get to test drive app subscriptions before they pay up.