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Acer's S7 commercial features a lot of Megan Fox, little of Acer's Windows 8 ultrabook

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megan fox acer
megan fox acer

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft — who leaned on the charms of Jessica Alba to help it promote the virtues of Windows Phone 8 — Acer has unveiled a new commercial for the Aspire S7 ultrabook starring Megan Fox. You'd hardly know it's intended to sell the new Windows 8 laptop, however, since Megan owns most of the 90-second screen time, leaving the S7 to make only occasional cameos. It's like the company constructed an awkwardly scripted mini-movie and decided to do some product placement in it.

While this latest ad may not be Acer's finest moment, it's intriguing to note that it's part of a broader marketing campaign from the company, focusing on using well-known actors to promote its products. Acer has been angling to make a move into more premium price brackets ever since it split up with former CEO Gianfranco Lanci, and it's evidently timing this flurry of activity to coincide with Microsoft's own marketing push around Windows 8. The only question is, do you actually care what laptop Megan Fox prefers using?