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Podcast aggregator Stitcher makes jump from mobile to the desktop

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Stitcher Web App
Stitcher Web App

Podcast aggregator and playback service Stitcher has arrived on the desktop with a new web app. Any HTML5-capable browser will be able to run the desktop version of Stitcher, with the web app pulling in any favorite stations and podcasts that you’re used to hearing on mobile devices once you log in. The browser-based variant shares some similarities to the mobile apps too, including Smart Stations, a feature first seen in June that recommends new shows depending on your listening habits. Additionally, users will be able to pick up on the desktop where they left off on mobile, with the service keeping track of the last listen position in any given show. Stitcher notes that its HTML5-powered service is still in beta, but anyone keen to give it a whirl is free to do so right now.