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Amazon launches its first mobile game, 'Air Patriots,' for iOS and Android

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AIr Patriots game by Amazon
AIr Patriots game by Amazon

Following the launch of its first foray into Facebook gaming this summer, Amazon Game Studios has today released its first mobile game, a free-to-play strategy title called Air Patriots. The aerial combat-themed tower defense game is available for Android through both Google Play and Amazon's own Appstore, as well as on the iPhone and iPad. Air Patriots appears to differentiate itself at least somewhat from more traditional tower defense games like Fieldrunners 2 by giving players control of mobile planes instead of stationary turrets. For Kindle Fire owners, Air Patriots utilizes Amazon's GameCircle social platform for things like achievements and high scores, as well as Whispersync for Games for sharing save data across devices. You can download the game for free now from Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, and the iTunes App Store.