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The Weekender: Smart bulbs, Microsoft Build, and Film Crit Hulk

The Weekender: Smart bulbs, Microsoft Build, and Film Crit Hulk


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weekender art 6
weekender art 6

Welcome to The Verge: Weekender edition. Each week, we'll bring you important articles from the previous weeks' original reports, features and reviews on The Verge. Think of it as a collection of a few of our favorite pieces from the week gone by, which you may have missed, or which you might want to read again.

'A Slower Speed of Light' turns the strangeness of near-light speed travel into a game

Even if you think you have a broad understanding of Einstein's theory of special relativity in the abstract, actually thinking though its repercussions can still melt your brain. *A Slower Speed of Light* from MIT's game lab can help explain how weird reality gets as you approach that speed.

Clear for Mac review: the iPhone's most beautiful to-do app comes to the desktop

Clear for iPhone is one of the best and best-looking ways to manage tasks on your phone. Developer Realmac has just launched Clear for Mac, a desktop version of the app — it looks and feels the same, but at $14.99 it's seven times the price. Does Clear's appeal translate?

Of mic3 and men: deadmau5 and the rise of trancepop

Trent Wolbe investigates the making of Joel Zimmerman.

Smart bulbs: how many features does it take to screw in an LED light bulb?

The light bulb, the oldest and most ubiquitous of electronic devices, is overdue for an update. We looked over some features like mesh networks and smartphone connectivity to see if this new general of LED light bulbs are worth the cost.

Building Windows: Microsoft pins its hopes on a new generation of apps and developers

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are here, but what about the apps? Tom Warren went to Microsoft's Redmond headquarters to find out what developers are doing and whether the company is providing the tools they need to make these platforms truly viable.

With 'Sportsfriends,' indie developers show there's more to videogame sports than 'Madden'

The creators of 'QWOP' and 'Johann Sebastian Joust' team up to give us the 'Wii Sports' of indie games. Can four prominent developers breathe new life into the stagnating genre?

Losing it at the movies with Film Crit Hulk

The big green guy on commenters, the pain of 48fps, and the modern comic book movie.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 review

Every PC manufacturer is trying to answer the same question: what does a Windows 8 PC look like? Is it a tablet? A laptop? Something else entirely? Lenovo's Yoga is all laptop, with a little bit of tablet sprinkled in — we took one of the most anticipated Windows 8 devices for a spin.