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Microsoft to use Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, and other celebrities to promote Windows Phone 8

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Ke$ha Lumia 920
Ke$ha Lumia 920

After an on stage appearance by Jessica Alba at Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 launch recently, the company and its partners are starting to use even more celebrities to promote Redmond's latest mobile OS. In a similar move to Apple's celebrity Siri ads, AT&T and Nokia are using Will Arnett to promote the Lumia 920 in the US.

Over in the UK, Microsoft has hired popular TV presenter Holly Willoughby to star in an advert promoting Windows Phone 8 and Kid's Corner. Digital Spy reports that the ad will run across primetime TV shows in the UK. Aside from Arnett's debut in the US, Nokia has also used Ke$ha's latest music video to promote the Lumia 920. A yellow handset was originally spotted in the video, but has since been replaced by a deck of cards.

Microsoft is set to kick start its worldwide Windows Phone 8 advertising campaign during NFL games on Sunday. WPCentral reports that the company will air a one minute slot dedicated to the personalization aspects of Windows Phone 8.

Update: British newspaper The Sun reports that Microsoft will also use Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, and James Corden in Windows Phone 8 ads running in the UK.