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Japanese photo booth will let you print a 3D model of yourself

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3D printed figure
3D printed figure

3D printing can be used for everything from building parts for rocket ships to printing dinosaur bones, but a company in Japan will soon be using the technology for something a bit more ordinary: to replace the humble photo booth. A temporary pop-up booth will be launching at the Eye of Gyre exhibition in Japan on November 24th, and will be open until January 14th of next year. The idea is similar to a regular photo booth, only instead of receiving a string of photos, you'll get a miniature, action figure-style 3D model.

The models come in three sizes — ranging from 10 to 20 centimetres in height — and vary in price depending on how many people are in the shot, with the more expensive options costing upwards of ¥32,000 (about $400). The three-step process requires you to keep the same pose for around 15 minutes so that the scanners can capture enough data to print up an accurate figure. While that could lead to some inevitable stiffness, it's a small price to pay for the novelty of a 3D printed you.