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Gogo announces faster 9.8Mbps in-flight Wi-Fi coming to 25 planes today, 'hundreds' by end of 2013

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GoGo In-flight Wi-FI logo (STOCK)
GoGo In-flight Wi-FI logo (STOCK)

Gogo will today begin offering faster in-flight Wi-Fi to 25 planes from US Airways, Delta, and Virgin today before expanding to additional aircraft from United p.s. and American Airlines in 2013. Ultimately the company expects to complete hundreds of installations by the end of next year. Known as ATG-4, Gogo's new and improved networking is the next iteration of its existing ATG-3 framework which tops out at a paltry 3.1Mbps. That frequently proves inadequate when shared between dozens (or hundreds) of passengers, but Gogo seems confident these new, faster downlink rates — powered by EV-DO Rev. B. cellular technology — should improve the mile-high web browsing experience for everyone. Considering the company has seen fit to raise some pricing even ahead of today's announcement, we're hoping Gogo can deliver on that front.