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HTC prioritizes Android 4.1 updates for 2012 devices, rules out the One V and Desire C

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HTC One V review head
HTC One V review head

HTC, which has already begun rolling out Android 4.1 with Sense 4+ updates for its HTC One X and S handsets, has confirmed that devices with 512MB RAM or less will not receive Jelly Bean updates. At present, this list only includes the One V and Desire C, and HTC notes that the devices will still get ongoing support, just not the latest Android operating system. Even though both phones are less than eight months old — and the Nexus S runs stock Jelly Bean with 512MB of RAM — HTC says the decision is an attempt to "ensure each of our products has the optimal user experience." As for other devices, HTC is working to bring 4.1 updates to its current lineup of phones before addressing older models, but there are no specific updates to announce at this time.