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Google's new Search app for Windows RT gives users an alternative to Bing

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get your google back
get your google back

To go along with the launch of Windows 8, Google had new versions of Chrome and its Google Search app ready to go for upgraders — and the company even produced a little video showing confused Windows 8 users how to get Google back on their desktops. Initially, those apps were for the full version of Windows 8 only, but today Google has rolled out a version of its search app specifically built for Windows RT devices (like Microsoft's own Surface tablet). As Google says in its announcement post on Google+, it has the full Google experience, including voice search, instant results, and even Google Doodles.

Between this new app and Google's "Get Your Google Back" video from earlier, it seems pretty clear that Google wants to make it as easy and frictionless as possible to get users of Microsoft's newest operating systems using its services instead of competing products against Microsoft. Given how Microsoft's Bing is baked right into Windows RT, Google seems to think it needs to make it quite obvious how users can switch back to Google services.