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Samsung to unveil 85-inch Ultra HD TV at CES, catching up with Sony, Toshiba, and LG

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samsung ces 2012 (flickr)
samsung ces 2012 (flickr)

Samsung on Monday announced it will unveil an 85-inch Ultra High-Definition LED TV at this year's CES, joining competitors like Sony, Toshiba, and LG that have already announced similarly-sized 4K displays. The company is branding the display as "the world's largest commercialized UHD LED TV," with more than eight million pixels and "life-like picture quality."

Samsung didn't offer many specifics on the forthcoming TV, though it will mark the company's first, and somewhat delayed foray into the growing 85-inch 4K market. Today's announcement comes more than two months after LG announced its own 84-inch 4K 3D display, which went on sale in the US in October for just under $20,000. Both Sony and Toshiba have announced their own 84-inch 4K models, as well.

Samsung hasn't mentioned a price range or target release date, though given the company's recent history, it may be a while before it's available for consumers; after debuting at CES 2012, Samsung's 55-inch Super OLED display still has yet to hit the market.