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Android devices can now push YouTube videos to Google TV, act as remote controls

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YouTube Icon Android (STOCK)
YouTube Icon Android (STOCK)

Google has updated its Android YouTube app to support AirPlay-like sharing of videos to Google TV devices. Any videos discovered on Android phones or tablets can be sent across simply by pushing a new "TV" button in-app. Google says that the update will let the set-top box automatically pair with any Android devices found on the same Wi-Fi network, allowing phones or tablets to be used as remote controls. Just like the Nexus Q, multiple Android devices can be connected to a Google TV simultaneously, letting friends collaborate on a shared video playlist.

Google is still keeping quiet about the fate of the Nexus Q, but taking such a key piece of functionality from the now-absent device combined with Google's silence when asked about the product isn't good news. It’s possible that Google has abandoned the project altogether and is salvaging features for Google TV, especially when devices like the Vizio Co-Star have dramatically lowered the cost of entry. And if Google decides to apply the same pairing functionality to Music, then the Nexus Q’s fate truly will be sealed.