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GrubHub Track Your Grub offers SMS updates and complete food delivery tracking

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GrubHub Track your grub PRESS
GrubHub Track your grub PRESS

GrubHub is looking to one-up food ordering and delivery competitors like Seamless with a new service called Track Your Grub. As the name suggests, the feature will provide details on how far along your order is, hopefully meaning you won't need to call up and ask where your Thai food is. At participating restaurants in six launch cities — Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Boston — you'll be able to get text message updates with delivery estimates and notifications for when the food is on its way. Additionally, in Chicago and New York only, obsessive types can track their food on a map as it works its way to your door. The new feature uses GrubHub's OrderHub tablet app for restaurant owners and DeliveryHub app for drivers to track and manage exactly what's going on. It's not clear just how many restaurants will go through the trouble of setting all of this up, but ones that do will be graced with a Track Your Grub badge on Grubhub.