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Vimeo previews new movie rental service with six independent films

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Vimeo movies
Vimeo movies

As if there weren't enough different video streaming services in your life, Vimeo has teased its new pay-to-view video rental service with six new indie films. Vimeo Movies, which is set to launch in early 2013, will allow independent filmmakers with Vimeo Plus accounts to make their movies available for a price of their choosing. The six films currently available are Sunny, We Are Legion, Beauty is Embarassing, Shut Up and Play the Hits, Sons of the Clouds, and Jeremy Jones' Further. Anyone with a Vimeo account can rent the movies (depending on their region) which range in price from $4.99 to $9.00. After you pay for a movie, it will be available on any Vimeo compatible device, which includes most smart TVs and streaming boxes. Vimeo says its goal in creating the paid content service was to give creators a platform to directly distribute their work — and still make money using this service and the tip jar feature — while giving users access to even more content.