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The Verge Mobile Show broadcasts live tomorrow, November 14th

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verge mobile show intro screenshot 2
verge mobile show intro screenshot 2

"Not again!" you bellow, fist raised toward the angry sky in a show of defiance and disgust. An inevitable, murderous rage suddenly overtakes every fiber of your being, but a weary "SMH..." is all that comes to your lips as you lay your head in your hands: your energy, your hopes, your dreams for a Tuesday edition of the Verge Mobile Show are spent, replaced only with resignation and a foreboding sense of doom. You reach inside the depths of your soul, but there is nothing left.

Is this real? Are these but fragments of a dream you never had?

Live talk programming of the week's biggest mobile news, once just hours away, slips into the distance, becoming a speck on the horizon. A blink of the eye, it grows smaller until it fades entirely from view. Like Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, and countless platforms before them, the prospects of a November 13th show are now little more than a fading memory.

Is there yet hope? Who — what — will save us?

Wednesday, that's what. Join us tomorrow as we break down everything that happened in the wide, dramatic world of mobile since the last time we rapped at you.