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Nokia launching Here maps app on iPhone and Android SDK

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Nokia Here Mozilla Stock
Nokia Here Mozilla Stock

As part of its announcement of its new mapping platform, Here, Nokia has confirmed that it will be extending the service beyond Windows Phone platform with dedicated apps for iPhone and Android, and a web-version that will support Mozilla's Firefox OS sometime next year. The iOS app will offer turn-by-turn directions, public transportation information, and will be available "soon," pending approval by Apple. The company will also be offering Android OEMs access to a dedicated SDK, allowing them to integrate the service with the full array of features and POI information into their apps and devices.

As previously reported, Nokia's new Here platform combines both local and cloud-based data and rendering, which allows for faster 3D rendering and a robust offline mode. So robust, in fact, that Nokia says that the Windows Phone app consumes up to 2.2GB of storage. Whether or not the same hefty app package will be found in the native iOS and Android apps, however, remains to be seen.