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Dropbox reaches 100 million users, founders not concerned about competing services

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dropbox stock
dropbox stock

Dropbox announced today that it reached a milestone of 100 million users, and has quadrupled its user base over just the past year. Over that past year, Dropbox has continued to make its service more enticing to users by offering free storage to buyers of many Android devices, and the company also increased the value of its paid storage options. Of course, these moves were necessary, with Google launching its Drive cloud storage space that initially beat Dropbox soundly on price.

Despite the fact that Dropbox is still a relatively small company going up against giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, founder Drew Houston isn't concerned. In an interview with The New York Times, Houston said "those companies are busy trying to build something we had four years ago. We're out front." While the other companies have only recently launched their platforms, Houston says that Dropbox can focus on streamlining and improving. In celebration of the milestone, Dropbox is asking users to tell their "Dropbox stories," and the company will choose 100 favorites to receive 10GB of free storage.