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Google Fiber goes live in first Kansas City neighborhood

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google fiber (google)
google fiber (google)

Four months after it announced an ultra high speed fiber optic network experiment in Kansas City , Google is beginning to connect homes to the 1,000 Mbps service. In a recent blog post, the company breaks down the installation process, saying that it wants to nail the small details — arriving at the beginning of the appointment window, installing everything cleanly and efficiently, and getting everything sorted out in a single visit. Ars Technica spoke with a resident of the Hanover Heights neighborhood where Google is starting its installations, who quoted actual speeds of 600-700Mbps for the $70 monthly service.

Google released a short video describing the installation process (below), showing the delightful experience we’re used to from other internet service ads, only with stacks of Google-colored boxes and a Nexus 7 remote control for the accompanying TV service. Now that things are underway in Hanover Heights, the other 179 or so neighborhoods that signed on for Google Fiber can't be that far behind.