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Barnes & Noble releases Nook reading app for Windows 8

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nook windows 8
nook windows 8

Barnes & Nobile has finally made a Nook app available in the Windows Store. The reading app runs on both Windows 8 and Windows RT devices and supports books, newspapers, comics, and magazines. It's a little later than we'd hoped for — following Microsoft's $300 million investment in Barnes & Noble's digital reading business early last month, the pair announced a Windows 8 Nook app for "imminent" release, but it wasn't available upon the operating system's launch.

Still, if you're a Windows 8 user with a head unturned by the bookseller's latest tablets such as the Nook HD, the arrival of a library with over 3 million items to peruse will come as good news. And, given Microsoft's vested interest in Barnes & Noble's success, we'd expect to see Nook promoted as the premier Windows reading platform from now on.