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The Infinite Jukebox makes your favorite song last forever

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Infinite Jukebox
Infinite Jukebox

You may have listened to all of your favorite songs to death admit it, that Repeat button is looking a little worn but the Infinite Jukebox will make you listen to them in a whole new way. A result of a small weekend hack by Paul Lamere, the webapp breaks down songs into individual beats while matching up patterns in the rhythm, then creating different pathways for the song to take. Once the song starts playing, the app intelligently compares beats and attempts to seamlessly branch out to a different point in the tune. The accompanying visualization helps listeners see the individual paths too, with visual cues dictating where the next jump could go.

For the most part, the Infinite Jukebox works extremely well, particularly with simpler songs or those with repetitive hooks. It’s not perfect, though: the engine seems to stumble on beats with trailing vocals, a particular problem in songs like Radiohead’s Karma Police. Still, we doubt you’ll be complaining once you fire up Superstition by Stevie Wonder and get a better sense of exactly what the Infinite Jukebox can do.