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EA Origin may have been hacked, users report difficulties reclaiming their accounts (Update)

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EA Origin
EA Origin

A number of Origin accounts have been compromised, locking their owners out, according to reports from Eurogamer and the Electronic Arts support forums. Users whose accounts were compromised received an email from EA stating that the address associated with their account was successfully changed, and can report their issue to EA's customer support. Some users are reporting that their account email was changed to a Russian address and that the date of birth or other identifying information has been altered, making attempts to recover their accounts with EA customer support difficult. It's currently unclear how the accounts were stolen, whether the Origin service has been directly hacked or if the accounts in question were stolen as a result of phishing or social engineering scams.

On the surface, this attack appears to resemble this morning's Skype vulnerability that also changed user emails without their verification, and if EA forum user reports are correct, could also be the result of Russian hackers. EA is currently remedying the issue on a case-by-case basis, judging from the following statement from an EA representative to Polygon.

"Anytime a player has a question about the security of his or her account or personal data, we take it very seriously and take all possible steps to help. For any customer who cannot access their Origin account for any reason, we ask them to please contact Origin Help or EA's customer experience group at The robust security measures in place to protect Origin users accounts are constantly being expanded and upgraded, and we also strongly recommend customers take the protective steps of using strong passwords and changing passwords often."

Update: EA representatives have issued a response to Eurogamer denying the service has been hacked: "At this point, we have no reason to believe there has been any intrusion into our Origin database," the company said.