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The Verge Mobile Show, live at 4:30PM ET / 9:30PM GMT

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verge mobile show intro screenshot 2
verge mobile show intro screenshot 2

In a major executive shake-up, Chris Ziegler has been removed from The Verge Mobile Show this week, replaced by an empty chair in a dark room. Reached for comment, co-host Dan Seifert tells The Verge that although Ziegler was well-liked amongst the rest of the staff, his obsession with cyan phones became a roadblock to collaboration with the rest of the team. "He just can't get enough of that shade of blue," Seifert said, "but I adhere to the Lockean, Dispositionalist view that color is a secondary quality." Inside sources suggest that Ziegler could return at some point in the future if he can learn to accept that cyan is really just a state of mind.