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After a splashy debut the collaborative music service lost some of its momentum, but the company has rolled out a redesign that it hopes will bring users back. In order to encourage participation with larger groups, the service's user cap has been lifted. In previous iterations, only 200 users could visit a room at a given time; now additional users will be placed in a special "overflow" room where they can hear the music and chat with other members in their section. The design of the DJ stage has been tweaked to allow more room for user avatars, and the overall interface has been rethought as well. Now a user's music queue, their live chat options, and information on the tracks played in a given room are all tucked behind discrete tabs for a cleaner layout. Perhaps most welcome is the addition of album artwork to the music queue, allowing DJs to find the track they're looking for at a quick glance.

The redesigned is live now, and if you decide to check it out don't forget to visit our own Turntable room — you never know who might stop by!