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Watch this: Douglas Adams shares his views on artificial life in rare interview video

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Douglas Adams
Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams wasn’t one to shy away from technology, with the author famously known as the first owner of the Apple Macintosh in the UK. As this 1997 interview shows, however, Adams' interest didn't end there, with the video fully capturing his enthusiasm for artificial life. In the interview, Adams delves into the fundamental issues of creating artificial life, describing how our inquisitive nature causes us to push forward by creating new tools, understanding their failures and limitations, then ultimately perfecting them. The author certainty doesn't hold back his opinions he states at one point that the solution to consciousness will turn out to be "a computational answer" but his charm and wit always shines through. There’s a particularly cogent point about banking institutions and the algorithms they employ towards the end of the 27 minute video, along with thoughts on evolution and the human fear of the unknown.