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Thieves steal $1.5 million of iPad minis from JFK International Airport

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Gallery Photo: Hands-on with the iPad mini
Gallery Photo: Hands-on with the iPad mini

It's a sad reality — expensive consumer electronics products make a great target for theft. That said, iPad thefts are not usually on the scale of what happened at New York's JFK International Airport this past Monday. According to the New York Post, a well-coordinated heist led to the theft of some $1.5 million worth of iPad minis. The criminals made off with two pallets of iPads before being confronted by an airport worker, and though they left three more pallets behind, that still represents about 3,600 iPad minis. As of last night, the culprits were still at large, though there was some suspicion that the job was aided by someone on the inside — the Post's sources believe that someone let the crooks in and out of the area where the iPads were being kept. If you have a hard time picking up Apple's latest tablet around New York City, these thieves should draw at least a little of your ire.

Update: Two days after initially breaking word of the heist, The New York Post is reporting that an arrest has been made in the case. Federal agents booked Renel Rene Richardson after it was discovered that he had allegedly asked co-workers suspicious questions about the specifics of the shipment and where he could find the forklifts. He is suspected of acting as a lookout while others loaded the goods onto a truck. It's still unclear whether the stolen iPads have been recovered.