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Watch this: debut trailer of 'House of Cards,' the next original series from Netflix

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House of Cards title shot
House of Cards title shot

Netflix has just released the debut trailer for its next original series, House of Cards. In stark contrast to Lillyhammer — the streaming service's first foray into original programming which chronicles the life of an ex-mobster — House of Cards looks to be a drama filled to the brim with political deception. The remake of a BBC miniseries finds Kevin Spacey in the leading role, portraying an ambitious Washington politician who seems destined to become US Secretary of State before his plans are upended. From there the trailer hints at a number of plot points, but we'll avoid spoiling anything further for the sake of those wanting to start fresh when the series debuts on February 1st, 2013.

Production of House of Cards was backed by a $100 million budget, which reportedly still wasn't enough for co-producer/director David Fincher. Fincher is rumored to have taken the director's seat for the first two episodes. The potential audience for House of Cards is growing week by week, with Netflix most recently putting its tally of streaming subscribers at 25.1 million. And yes, as Conan O'Brien can attest, new episodes of Arrested Development remain on track to debut exclusively on Netflix this spring.