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SkyDrive desktop and mobile apps updated, selective sync enabled

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SkyDrive logo
SkyDrive logo

Microsoft is pushing out a variety of updates to its SkyDrive service today. Applications for OS X and Windows have been updated to include a new selective sync feature, allowing users to sync specific folders across different devices. An often requested feature, SkyDrive selective sync is particularly useful if you don't want a large folder to sync down to a laptop you own.

Sharing has also been improved on the SkyDrive desktop apps, with a right-click menu that lets you share or view a document on Microsoft is also updating its Windows Phone 8 and Android apps today. The Windows Phone 8 version includes updates to the visual appearance and the ability to search for files and folders alongside improved controls for photo upload and download sizes. SkyDrive's Android app will include support for all file types from SD card, the ability to rename files and folders, and a custom sort order view. All of the updates should be available within 48 hours.