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Months after massive restructuring, OnLive arrives on LG's Smart TVs

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onlive hq stock 1024 logo
onlive hq stock 1024 logo

OnLive has just announced that the cloud-based gaming service has been integrated into LG's G2 series of Smart TVs with Google TV, proving that the company is able to survive after its recent catastrophic shakeup. The service appears to be identical to what OnLive had offered before the structural changes, allowing users to play streaming video games without the need for additional hardware. Interestingly, earlier this year at CES, LG was showing off Smart TVs that utilized Gaikai, a similar streaming service for video games and a direct OnLive competitor. Sony later announced that it had purchased Gaikai for approximately $380 million, which may have been the reason that LG ultimately decided to switch to OnLive.

The announcement is the first we've heard about OnLive since its rollercoaster ride that began in August, when the company experienced a massive wave of layoffs, a bizarre acquisition by a newly-formed company (also known as OnLive), and a managerial restructuring that included founder Steve Pearlman stepping down from his position as CEO. At this point the long-term prospects for OnLive are unclear, but it's evident the gaming service itself will continue to live on — at least for the foreseeable future.