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'Star Wars' action figures make the National Toy Hall of Fame

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Star Wars logo
Star Wars logo

Following the news that Disney plans to continue the Star Wars saga, the franchise's Hasbro action figures have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. The figures were honored this year alongside the classic game dominoes, and join the ranks of 49 other iconic toys like Mr. Potato Head, the Nintendo Game Boy, and the Slinky. The National Toy Hall of Fame began in 1998 at the Strong National Museum of Play with a collection of 17 toys, which were chosen based on their long-term appeal, novelty, memorability, and contribution to learning or creativity. Although the Strong's collection is curated by a group of historians and educators, anyone can nominate a toy — so if you see anything missing from their list, be sure to make your suggestions for next year's inductees.