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Warner Bros iOS app lets users watch TV shows the day after they air (update: Benelux only)

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Warner Bros Day After US app
Warner Bros Day After US app

Warner Bros is starting to offer TV shows the day after they air directly to mobile users. The new service is launching as part of an iPhone and iPad app called Day After US, which offers streaming and offline playback of "most current episodes" one day after they're first shown on TV, as well as access to episodes from previous seasons. Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and The Big Bang Theory are specifically called out, and customers will be able to watch one episode from each series for free. Users will then get the option of paying per episode or per season to watch more. The Day After US app is offering what many would like to see for networks like HBO, which limit online access to shows only to those who subscribe to premium cable TV packages. This represents one of the rare cases that episodes are being offered directly from the studio, and not a network or storefront like iTunes.

Update: The app has now been pulled from the iTunes App Store, and a Warner Bros representative has informed us that Day After US will only be available in Benelux — Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.