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Photographer documents environmental conflict between solar plant and wildlife

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A new report from Wired showcases a series of photos featuring an immense solar power plant located in the Mojave Desert taken by photographer Jamey Stillings. Owned by Google, BrightSource Energy, and NRG Energy, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) is on track become the largest solar thermal power plant in the world, capable of powering 140,000 homes. Even though the ISEGS is an attempt to protect the environment by using alternative energy, many are concerned that the plant's location and expansion will harm the local tortoise population. ISEGS owners have already spent $56 million to relocate and care of the animals, but Stillings says that documenting the situation made him change his opinion on renewable energy projects, saying "it's a complicated issue." You can read more at Wired, and check out a full gallery of Stillings' work at his website.