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Windows 8 PC sales reportedly 'well below Microsoft's internal projections'

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It's been three weeks since Windows 8 was released to the masses, but it's still not clear how the new — and polarizing — operating system has been accepted by consumers and businesses alike. However, Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott has now offered just a bit of information on how the Redmond-based company is viewing the OS' first few weeks on market. Citing one of his "most trusted sources at Microsoft," Thurrott reports that sales of Windows 8 PC's are disappointing and "well below Microsoft’s internal projections." The source says that, internally, the blame is being placed on manufacturers' "inability to deliver."

No matter the trustworthiness of Thurrott's source, the report does leave something to be desired when it comes to hard stats. The only number we've received from Microsoft to-date is that it sold four million Windows 8 upgrades in just a few days. It's difficult to know for sure why sales of new PCs are disappointing, but it does mean that consumers and businesses are likely comfortable keeping on with their Windows 7 or earlier hardware — not a wholly unexpected result. Still, we're sure rumors will be flying considering the timing of former Windows head Steven Sinofsky's departure earlier this week.