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Cazzette becomes first band to release a Spotify-exclusive album

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Swedish duo Cazzette has become the first band to make its album debut on Spotify. Eject will be released in three parts: the first came out on November 13th, the second will be out December 11th, and a final piece will appear January 22nd. The album will not be available to buy or download. Cazzette is already known for its remixes and played at this year's Bonnaroo music festival; its first video recently launched on MTV. But it's still far less famous than artists like Radiohead or Amanda Palmer, who have leveraged their fanbases for successful ventures with unusual business models.

Cazzette, obviously, isn't the first band to go online-only, and Spotify has previously offered exclusive content like early releases. Previews of several of the songs on Eject, likewise, are available on the band's SoundCloud page. However, at a time when many artists are expressing ambivalence towards subscription-based streaming, it's interesting to see a band not only committing to a platform like Spotify but calling it "the future" of music releases.