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The Biblio-Mat is a custom-built vending machine for random second-hand books

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biblio mat
biblio mat

Toronto bookstore The Monkey's Paw features a unique and intriguing way for readers to obtain new books: the Biblio-Mat. Created by the store's owner, Stephen Fowler, and The Juggernaut co-founder, Craig Small, the Biblio-Mat is a vending machine built from an old metal locker than dispenses random, used books for $2 each. In an interview with Quill & Quire, Fowler said that his original idea was to put one of his assistants inside of a painted refrigerator box, who would then drop a book out when a coin is inserted — fortunately, Small suggested otherwise.

The general design of the Biblio-Mat was made to match the vintage feel of The Monkey's Paw, which can be seen from the colors and lettering used on the machine to the second-hand books that make their way to customers. Since the Biblio-Mat is still in its early stages, Fowler admits that it does run into the occasional mechanical hiccup, but did say that most people who have used the machine are "pleasantly surprised and completely amused."