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Windows Phone 8 users report random reboots and battery issues (update)

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htc 8x, lumia 920, stock
htc 8x, lumia 920, stock

Windows Phone 8 devices have been available since the beginning of the month and users are starting to report early issues across HTC and Nokia handsets. In a thread over at WPCentral with 143 replies, a variety of HTC 8X users report that handsets randomly reboot while in use. A thread on Microsoft's own support forums has also gained 50 replies complaining about the issues. The Verge can confirm that an 8X we are testing has rebooted on more than one occasion.

Nokia Lumia 920 users are also reporting random reboots and freezes, with some complaining of poor battery life too. In a thread on Nokia's support forums, a number of users appear to be complaining of lock ups and resets with the Lumia 920. Battery life issues have led to some users wiping their devices in hope of a quick fix, unfortunately that seems to have resulted in some devices left stuck on a Nokia splash screen. In our own experience with several Windows Phone 8 devices, we've found that disabling the tap + send (NFC) feature results in improved battery life. We have reached out to Microsoft, HTC, and Nokia to discuss the issues and we'll update you accordingly.

Update: In separate statements to The Verge, both Nokia and HTC confirms they're currently aware of the rebooting issues. "‘We are working with Microsoft to investigate these reports. We will provide an update as soon as more information is available," said a Nokia spokesperson, with HTC revealing it's currently researching the problem at call centers and within its labs.