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Apple iMessage and FaceTime down for users on iOS and OS X (update: back online)

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Messages for OS X
Messages for OS X

Apple had multiple issues with iMessage last month — with two outages in a single week — and a month later the service appears to be down again. The Verge's own staff can confirm the outage on both iOS and OS X, and we've also heard from several people from the US and Europe who tipped us about the problem. Reports from frustrated users are also appearing at a quick pace on Twitter, so the issues appear to be widespread. Apple's system status page says all services are currently online, but we'll update you if we receive more information from the company — and be sure to let us know if you're also having issues.

Update: Apple's iCloud system status page confirms that iMessage and FaceTime are down for "some" users. The page says that "normal service will be restored ASAP."

Update 2: As pointed out by 9to5Mac, Apple's system status page now says that "normal service has been restored."

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!