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WTFlevel measures humanity's discontent in real time by tracking profane tweets

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Twitter is a gushing spigot of fleeting human experiences, ranging from angst over pumpkin spice latte outages, to life in modern warfare, to the wondrous aphorisms of an equine sage — and there's plenty of profanity amid all the sound and fury. Thankfully, web developer Colin Mitchell has created "WTFlevel:" a simple website that tracks and graphs the amount of swearing on Twitter in real-time. Mitchell says it's "mostly a humorous attempt to get an idea of how aggravated the planet is at any moment," and the system uses a color-coded threat level system ranging from "mostly polite" to "oh &@#?@&!" to convey the level of profanity being spoken on Twitter at any given time. The list of swear words is secret, but all of the usual seven suspects are included. If you'd like a historical view of salty tweets, WTFlevel provides a recap of the past seven days, and a leaderboard that tracks the top words used during times of extreme obscenity (the recent US election day tops the charts). Head on over now to check out the current threat level.