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Guacamole, chair sex, and spaghetti: PES discusses his quirky stop-motion style

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fresh guacamole PES
fresh guacamole PES

Stop-motion artist PES first garnered attention in 2002, when his short film, Roof Sex, suddenly went viral, earning international acclaim. The film's success set the stage for subsequent quirky shorts, including 2004's Western Spaghetti, and most recently, Fresh Guacamole, which last week was shortlisted for an Oscar nomination. It's been a relatively meteoric rise for the artist born Adam Pessane, who, as Wired reports, fell into animation almost by accident, after seeing works from Michel Gondry, Spike Jonez, and Jan Švankmajer while working at an ad agency.

"I haven't figured out exactly where this fascination comes from, but it's sort of embedded in my sense of humor," PES told Wired. "I'll see something in an object and think it looks like something else. It's just something my brain does naturally."