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Stitching pixels with 'Analogue / Digital' embroidery

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London-based artist Evelin Kasikov has made a name for herself over recent years with her CMYK cross-stitch work. CMYK is a color model traditionally used in printing that combines cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black) to create full-color images, and Kasikov's pieces applies the same principle to embroidery to create "pixelated" artwork. In her latest project, Kasikov further explores the creative industry's "on-going obsession" with analog vs. digital, in the appropriately-named Analogue / Digital series.

"A tactile interpretation of different modes of representation. Four paper objects mix print and screen formats. Pixels and dots, single elements of digital and printed image, become physical using hand embroidery. The project visualizes analog versus digital theme, an on-going obsession in the creative industry today."

The series encompasses a number of pieces that toy with the theme, with stitched pixels played off against consumer electronics, and hand-embroidered TV test cards and GIFs placed within books. Pictured below is our favorite piece, Touch-screen, a meticulous recreation of a tablet display complete with embroidered RGB sub-pixels. Appropriately, Kasikov maps out her designs using software like InDesign and Illustrator before beginning the time consuming task of hand-stitching each piece.