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FBI arrests suspect in JFK iPad mini heist

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ipad mini
ipad mini

The FBI has arrested a suspect in the case involving 3,600 stolen iPad minis from JFK airport in New York, reports the New York Post. The stolen iPads, now valued at $1.9 million, were apparently taken from a JFK cargo building with a forklift last Monday. Agents were able to track down the suspect when other employees of the airport came forward and said that he had inquired about the shipment of iPads and where he could obtain forklifts.

The FBI says that the apprehended suspect was part of a three man operation, and his job was to act as a lookout while the two other suspects loaded up a cargo truck with the stolen merchandise. It is not yet known whether or not the stolen iPads — two whole pallets worth — have been recovered. Needless to say, with the wait times for the iPad mini still two weeks or more, Apple will be eager to recover the stolen goods.