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Watch this: unearthed 1924 Hitchcock film 'The White Shadow' now streaming online

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The White Shadow Hitchcock screencap
The White Shadow Hitchcock screencap

A film relic once feared lost can now streamed for free on the web. The White Shadow, a 1923 film written by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, is being presented by the National Film Preservation Foundation. A 24-year-old Hitchcock also served as assistant director for the 1924 movie, which was recovered back in August from New Zealand collector Jack Murtagh — who in his lifetime amassed one of the largest libraries in the country. Sadly you're in for an incomplete viewing: only three of six reels (totaling 43 minutes) have managed to survived the decades since White Shadow's release. Yet that proves sufficient in showing off Hitchcock's penchant for suspense and masterful storytelling even in complete silence. If you weren't lucky enough to attend The White Shadow's Los Angeles screening in September, you'll have the chance to watch Hitchcock's earliest-surviving work online for the next two months.