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Sony teases 4K content delivery with 'full-length Hollywood features' for its Ultra HD TV

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Sony 4kTV
Sony 4kTV

The list of 80-something-inch 4K TVs is growing longer by the day, but one question remains — what, exactly, are viewers going to watch on these things? Well, Sony's just released a little information on its own plans by announcing that its Bravia XBR-84X900 set will come with the world's first 4K content delivery system pre-installed, including some pre-loaded "full-length feature Hollywood productions."

While there aren't any details on exactly what those movies will be, Sony promises that further news will come after Thanksgiving. Presumably the company will be able to leverage its sizable Columbia Pictures library, but it'll have to go some to justify the $5,000 premium over rival Ultra HD sets from the likes of LG.