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Apple's revised Samsung design statement printed in UK newspapers

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Apple Samsung design statement in UK newspaper
Apple Samsung design statement in UK newspaper

Apple has posted its Samsung Galaxy Tab design acknowledgement in several UK newspapers today following the scolding that it received from the courts over the "incorrect" online statement. Unlike the declaration first served up on Apple’s website, the new notice takes a very dry approach to explaining how Samsung's tablets didn't infringe the design of the iPad while also pointing readers to copies of the courts' judgments.

The Verge has confirmed that a copy of the advertisement has appeared on page four of The Daily Mail, with The Next Web spotting the same notice in The Guardian. Apple was asked to run the statement in additional publications, including The Financial Times, in a font no smaller than Arial 14 and before page six. The company was also ordered to post a revised acknowledgement on the front page of within 24 hours after yesterday’s ruling, but there’s no sign of it so far.