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Facebook partners with local businesses to offer free Wi-Fi in exchange for check-ins

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Facebook Android login screen (stock)
Facebook Android login screen (stock)

Facebook is currently testing a pretty clever way to help bring its users free Wi-Fi — CNET reports that the company is partnering with some small business to offer Wi-Fi to customers who check into the location. Right now, Facebook claims it is just a "small test with a few local businesses," though the company didn't give any more details on where you could try this service out. After accessing Facebook Wi-Fi by checking in, the router is designed to send you to the business's Facebook page — which may offer those who check in additional deals or discounts. The service was first spotted by developer Tom Waddington, who found an entry for "social_wifi" and Facebook Wi-Fi in code used to build charts and graphs for Facebook's page insights.

All in all, it sounds like a fairly shrewd way to get more customers to use Facebook's check-in service; it also seems like both the consumer, business, and Facebook itself get something out of the deal. As for those who aren't interested in checking in, the business will be able to provide others with a password to access the Wi-Fi through more conventional means. Unfortunately, there's no word on when this service might start rolling out on a wider scale.