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'Wired' editor-in-chief Chris Anderson departing to focus on startup 3D Robotics

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Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, the man who's been at the helm of Wired for the past eleven years, is leaving the magazine at the end of the year to focus on his robotics startup, publisher Condé Nast announced today. Anderson says that the move is an "opportunity to pursue an entrepreneurial dream" — that dream being 3D Robotics, which sells aerial drones and drone components for amateur use. It's safe to say that he'll continue writing as well: he's widely known for The Long Tail and just released Makers: The New Industrial Revolution earlier this month.

There's no word yet on who will replace Anderson as editor-in-chief at Wired, a publication that many in this industry have grown up reading over the past two decades. Executive editor Thomas Goetz (who joined Wired the same year as Anderson) would seemingly be an obvious choice, at least on an interim basis — but regardless, it's the end of an era.