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Power slowly coming back to Lower Manhattan after four day blackout

Power slowly coming back to Lower Manhattan after four day blackout


100,000 in East Village, Lower East Side, and Chelsea see lights come back on

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Consolidated Edison (better known as Con Ed) looks to have kept its promise to those living in Lower Manhattan without power. Word has just started coming in from Twitter users that power has been restored to parts of the East Village and the Lower East Side, and the power company later confirmed those reports, tweeting that 65,000 have power back. The area that's been restored was connected to the Cooper Square network, which is bounded by Canal Street on the south, Broadway on the west, 14th street on the north, and all the way to the East River. That still leaves many in Manhattan, as well as millions more in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the suburbs without power, but, considering the circumstances, it's a fairly quick recovery nonetheless.

Power was first taken offline in Lower Manhattan on Monday evening, after an approximately 14-foot storm surge flooded the southern part of the city, knocking out a few substations, including one on 14th Street. That substation was the site of a massive explosion after a circuit breaker failed, but the blackout was not caused by that incident — Con Ed says that higher than expected water levels rushing into the facility were to blame. The utility first estimated power would return to all of Lower Manhattan by Saturday evening, but current estimates say that all but 230,000 downtown will have power restored before tonight. Manhattan — which has all of its power lines underground — has only suffered four major blackouts since 1965.

Update: 25,000 in Chelsea just got their power back, too.